The scrunchie has gone from derided 80s fad to arguably the most worn hair accessory of 2020; are you even on Instagram if you don’t have a nonchalant scrunchie on your wrist? They provide an entry-level designer purchase and you can even buy facemask and matching scunchie combos; one of the moor cheering outcomes of this doomed year. Who would have foreseen this revival? Certainly not Romy Revson, who patented the scrunchie in 1986 – inspired by the waistband of her sweatpants, and named after her poodle, Scunci. Scrunchies were an 80s mainstay; perfect for keeping big, permed, sensitised hair in place while doing a Jane Fonda workout. Carrie Bradshaw killed off the scrunchie in Sex and the City when she derided them, but as with just about every 80s hair trend (hello mullets, perms and shags), they’re back and (literally) bigger than ever.

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