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Movement specialist, working with people who want to improve performance or heal pain by linking brain, body and beyond⁣
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Connecting deeply with people on the daily!⁣

Led Zeppelin⁣

Seaspiracy. Incredible and a must watch for everyone as the sustainability of people and the planet rests on us changing our behaviour towards consuming fish (among other things)⁣


Existentialism: An Introduction by Kevin Aho ⁣
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Sleep! ⁣
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I wash my curly hair at night and dry it before bed so the fly-aways get stuck down for 8 hours while I sleep⁣
𝗔 π—¦π— π—”π—Ÿπ—Ÿ 𝗝𝗒𝗬

Watching birds jump around, they’re just delightful⁣
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Shampoo once a week and dry after every wash then add a leave-in conditioner. I use conditioner in the shower once a month⁣
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It’s so hydrating which means I don’t have to maintain my hair too much, it makes living with curly hair easier⁣
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I did a hair commercial once which took me to Spain and some of the people I met on that trip are some of my closest friends now⁣
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I was 13 and instead of doing a few blonde highlights my mum accidentally dyed my whole hair a burnt orange colour. I cried for 24 hours until my appointment with the hairdresser. My hair was ruined for about a year LOL ⁣
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Jane Fonda because she’s a badass. She is into wellness without being OTT and preachy about it. She’s a massive activist for women’s rights and the environment. Plus, she is honest about both the good and bad that’s happened in her life. A strong and vulnerable woman!⁣
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Spend a month travelling Mexico drinking cocktails on the beach and surfing⁣
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Spend time getting to know yourself in all aspects mind, body and self. Although tough sometimes, ultimately it’s enlightening for you and the people around you ⁣