1972 marks the birth of the crimp –  a technique invented by Geri Cusenza whilst styling Barbara Streisand’s hair. 

Long gone are the days of the bouffant crimp, however. The style’s revamp now features crimped bangs, crimped sections, crimped ponytail and crimped bunches to name but a few. 

Whilst popularised in the 80s, the style thrived well into the following decades. Of those most iconic think: Britney, Tyra Banks and Christina Aguilera – who sported her crimps with barbie pink highlights.  

More recently, we’ve seen this look gain traction down the runway to give models thicker, more textured looking hair. 

Alexander Mcqueen for one has proved crimping is now as much haute-couture as it is young and playful.

Ready for a technique tip you wish you knew earlier? 
Cue top hairstylist Neil Moodie ‘Because crimping is one clever way to achieve increased hair volume and mega root lift.’Here’s his 3-step method…

1. Clean hair is the only safe way to crimp without causing damage. Wash hair to remove oils. Use Dizziak Hydration Wash if you like.

2. Protect before you style, spritz a heat protector spray through clean and dry hair lengths.

3. Crimp the root of hair only, the narrower the iron the better. Style hair as you wish. 

Our lifted roots thank you, Neil.

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