Wispy, layered and ultra-light, feather cuts have their roots in the 1950s when the technique was used to bring movement and texture into naturally straight, short hair. Feathered styles enjoyed a renaissance in the seventies when Farrah Fawcett became the queen of flicky, lightweight layers, Princess Diana was all about that ultra-feathered pageboy in the 80s, and the trend reemerged in the early 2000s too, when a sweeping curve of face-framing layers was the perfect way to showcase that other Y2K must-have; your primitive hair straighteners. Like everything else from the 00s, feathering is now being discovered by a new generation of TikTok beauty fans – but these days it’s not just about straight styles. Feathering works just as well on diverse textures, bringing natural movement into the hair and creating a more defined shape, while allowing you to maintain length.

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