Get The Most From Your Haircare

It’s always a good time to check on your hair wash routine, here are some tips from our DIZZIAK SESSIONS series to help put some ritual back into a good routine.




Spray hair with water then cover in DIZZIAK DEEP CONDITIONER and tie back into a loose bun. After 1 hour, rinse thoroughly then wash and condition hair as normal.

Great for – Deep penetration of product.





Taking a few more minutes for your scalp, apply DIZZIAK HYDRATION WASH and with your fingers, use light to medium pressure and massage all over in circular motions for at least 3 minutes. Concentrate on the back of the neck and around the ears.

Great for – Stimulating blood circulation and removing product build-up and excess oil.


Overnight or a few hours before washing your hair, apply DIZZIAK DEEP CONDITIONER to the ends of your hair. Tie your hair away until it’s time to wash.

Great for – Taking extra care of the oldest parts of your hair and helping to maintain length.


Apply DIZZIAK Deep Conditioner to freshly washed hair, cover with a shower cap and robe up. Allow the conditioner to sit for 30 mins. In that time, here is a selection of books recommended by our Real Fans interviewees.