Summer Mood

Relax and fun, drinking Cava in a chiringuito with my friends or exploring seaside paths in search of hidden creeks. 


Moving to Barcelona last year, essentially for the nice weather, says a lot about my love for the sun. But I never expose myself to the sun for too long.

Song of Summer

I won’t be able to name only one song, but during the day I love to drive with the windows wide open and California Soul by Marlena Shaw on very loud or to dance under the olive trees on La Prima Estate by Erlend Øye. By night, I love the sensual disco of Love For The Sake Of Love by Claudia Barry and the smooth electro hit Sabali by Amadou & Mariam.


In Corsica, where I’m from, we have a lot of Aloe Vera in the garden, so I extract the gel directly from the plant. Or I usually use local cosmetics from Corsica made with Immortelle flowers which is an endemic plant of the island, I always bring some with me everywhere I go, so I can have a hint of the smell of my home. But right now I’m using the DIZZIAK Body Conditioner, which not only smells good but also healed my first sunburn and hydrates my skin so well. 

In Summer we can find you….

Enjoying nature by the river near my house when I’m in Corsica. Visiting my friends in the mountains in the Pyrénées or at the beach very early in the morning in Barcelona.

Your Cool Down

Listening to some music at home, a late afternoon swim in the river after the day at the beach. Sometimes we take a bath in a sulphurous hot spring (even during the summer) called Les Caldanes, which is a family tradition in the population of Alta Rocca, a micro region in the south of Corsica. 

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