Summer mood 

Sunshine-basker. I like to walk around, explore and soak in the heat, but maybe that’s because I’m a Leo.

Song of the summer

Something quite unexpected but it has been my summer song since 2018. EIO by One Acen ft. Hardy Caprio but for something a bit more sensual and romantic, Skillibeng – How Life Sweet


Sunscreen is vital, in all types of weather. I suffer from eczema so light exfoliation and head to toe body conditioning is always needed. Creams that are oil-based or thick with natural ingredients always work best for me!

In summer we can find you…. 

In summer, you can find me out and about with my friends, whether we’re just going for a walk or taking in the sun. Always down for a party as well, since the sun sets later, it always feels nice to be out late with the sky still so blue!

Your cool down

My cool down consists of taking a nice long bath or shower, and stretching out in bed. I love to lay down and sleep, to just relax and watch some Netflix.

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