From its Native American origins to its punk heyday, the mohawk has always been a purposefully statement look. The essence of the mohawk cut sees the head shaved all over save for a central strip, which is then generally styled in gravity defying spikes. 

Modern interpretations of the mohawk are often less permanent and focus more on emulating the silhouette of contrasting lengths and texture. Low-commitment alternatives are often created by slicking or braiding the hair on either side of the head to create a sleek silhouette that reflects the original shaved sections. The remaining central strip can then be spiked, curled, knotted or otherwise styled to create contrast in volume and texture. 

The frohawk is another interpretation of the shape, created by shaping Afro hair up on either side of the head to create that staple central strip of detail. Whether it’s shaved on both sides or secured in ponytails across the centre of the head using combs or pins, Afro textured hair lends itself perfectly to creating the volume that is key to a mohawk shape.

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