I created DIZZIAK because I needed it. I would say I have around 5 different textures to my hair and I found conditioners either too weak or too heavy. I was importing products from the US, which not only took ages to arrive, but cost a lot in shipping and then the results were always just average. I think I bought every single product on the market growing up. I was duped by ‘snazzy’ descriptions and claims. I wasted so much money. That’s the reason the DIZZIAK branding is so succinct – I didn’t want any fluff or BS on there.

I wanted to make healthy products that really worked, that smelt beautiful, that looked great, felt great and that were accessible on the high street. I also wanted the brand to reflect my other passions – music, art and fashion (I’d previously spent 16 years working in live music) – I couldn’t see any other brands like this. I knew if I was going to go for it, it wouldn’t be easy, so there was no way I was going to work on something that was exactly like everything else on the market – it had to be a significant improvement. I did zero market research; I just knew there was a gap in the market and that others would feel the same- especially those with afro and curly hair.

The difference with DIZZIAK?
It’s effective, looks great and smells great – it’s the full 360 experience. If you look at the customer reviews on the DIZZIAK instagram story highlights and the website, you’ll see a representation of every hair texture giving truly positive reviews. And that’s because all hair is different but all hair needs hydration and most hair loves certain ingredients. DIZZIAK features a high percentage of these ingredients! My aim was to make products that were so good that they couldn’t be ignored – by anyone.

DIZZIAK launched in March 2018. A change had to come.

Created by Loretta De Feo – a Londoner with massive hair & a deep-rooted understanding.