Highlights were a teenage rite of passage, although striped and stark peroxide or copper, they rarely had the desired effect. Especially those coaxed by Sun-In, the hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice spray that was – often ill-fatedly – sprayed onto hair before it was baked in the sun. While you might think that this practice is beholden to the 90s, the Ancient Greeks were actually doing it in the 7th Century, only with cocktails of olive oil, pollen and plant extracts. Fast-forward to now, and more people are colouring their hair than ever. Indeed, only 18% in a recent survey said they’d had the same colour hair for their entire life.
After a period of lockdown, many are itching to restore their colour. Whether you’re prepping for in-salon highlights or have mustered the confidence to DIY, colour specialist John Clark of Nicola Clarke at John Frieda recommends Dizziak Hydration Wash for before, as “it preps the hair surface, and allows for tighter colour placement,” and after, “because it works to infuse hair with the nutrients that give shine and gloss to new colour”.

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