Summer mood 

My summer mood is relaxation, I am most definitely a sunshine-basker. I am a sun baby through and through, no matter the heat I am here for the sweat and tan lines. 

Song of the summer 

I have two songs of the summer which remain the same every year. The first is Lovebirds – Want You In My Soul and the second is Girls Of The Internet – When U Go. 


I ensure my body stays in optimum condition by applying lots of moisture, especially Dizziak body conditioner (after being introduced to it I can’t get enough), and drinking lots of water. 

In summer we can find you…

In summer you can find me listening to my music in the sunshine. I love to just bathe in the sun’s energy when it’s out, trips to the beach and lots of adventures in nature. 

The cool down 

I like to cool down by having a nice juice in the sunshine, some meditation after a day in the heat and then some writing to release any thoughts, ideas, or lyrics I’ve had during the day to keep my mind clear and present.

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