Summer Mood

I’m a bit of a rascal and love the feeling of freedom, I think we can all relate to that after the last few years as feeling is more important now than ever. Freedom is deffo my summer mood (but also perhaps my perma-mood?). Adventure, newness and escape are all part of that. And clubbing. Lots of clubbing.

Song of Summer

Round Round by Sugababes – I saw them live at the start of June and it was v. nostalgic and SUCH a vibe.


I travel a lot for work and play so I have to ensure I’m keeping balanced in terms of hydration. I drink room temperature water in the morning when I first wake up (at least a litre) while standing up to help flush the system and then plenty more throughout the day.

I work a lot with my hands so having Dizziak Body Conditioner in my bag is a must, the perfect balance of nourishment, hydration and glow to stay hydrated and protected.

I use acids like glycolic and salicylic to help gently exfoliate the skin on face and body, either as a wash or a toner or both – they’re gentle,  but I’m always sure to follow with the Body Conditioner, especially after a long beach day or before going out clubbing, to replenish the skin and really turn upthe radiance. I’ve found this combo to be really effective in creating an all-over glow , especially if you’re taking in a lot of sun. 

In summer we can find you…

Sunbathing by the river when I’m at home in London, often with a good book, or out at day festivals around the city. In California, we spent a lot of time touring the beaches which are just so beautiful, I also discovered my love of  the desert. 

The cool down 

I really love driving in the car with friends, listening to music and laughing – in California we drove out to all kinds of cool spots to watch the sunset (and sometimes the sunrise). I love a cool shower in the evening and then sitting around with friends drinking and plaiting our hair, all of us in big comfy jumpers, planning our next adventures.  

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