Summer mood

I’m definitely a sunshine basker, I love the sun. Once my sunscreen is on you’ll see me in the sun living my best life no matter how hot it is.

Song of the summer

I don’t have one currently, still thinking about it. It really depends on how I’m feeling in the moment, I’ll listen to bashment, r&b and afrobeats. Then I’ll switch to neo soul, jazz, hip hop, or pop and alternative/indie.


I try to make sure I drink enough water and wearing sunscreen daily.


Right off the bat I have to say the scent, it really gives me summer vibes. I love that the body conditioner moisturises and hydrates my skin without feeling heavy or greasy afterwards. The hydration wash doesn’t strip my hair, just leaves it feeling clean and smelling amazing; and the deep conditioner makes my hair so soft and my curls really pop, I’ve really been loving these products. 

In summer we can find you…

Either dyeing my hair and giving myself or friends tattoos, in a park having a picnic or baking.

The cool down

My cool down consists of an ice cream or iced coffee followed by a cool shower once I’m home.

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