From Solange’s diamante-encrusted design at the Met Gala in 2018 to Symone from RPDR’s runway look with a 10’ train, the durag has transitioned from functional haircare to a bonafide fashion accessory in the 90s and now, to a mainstream style statement in its own right. While headwraps in various forms have been used to protect Black hair since time began, the Black Power movement in the 1960s saw durags being worn more purposefully as a fashion accessory. It’s suggested that the first commercially marketed version was created in the 1970s by William J. Dowdy as part of his So Many Waves kit – referred to as a ‘tie down’, it went on sale in 1979 to help protect the hair pattern. A rare example of a fashion accessory borne from haircare, the durag represents pride in natural hair, particularly for men and boys.

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